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This web site serves as a collection point for all available information about the USNA Class of 1939. The goal is to provide some background information about various classmates by chronicling their accomplishments both in and out of the service.

Even more importantly, this site is also a place where we are publishing whatever updates we have been able to obtain regarding who is still alive – including classmates and/or spouses – along with contact information and any status updates that have been provided.

If you have questions or additional updates that you would like to see included somewhere within this class web site, we encourage you to reach out to us. Simply click on the ‘Contact Us’ link on the top of the page or CLICK HERE to find the appropriate person to contact.


 The Answer to “What About Thirty-Nine?”

Tom Weschler
– September 2010 –

As we remember our Class (71 years later) it’s good to review what the class as a whole has accomplished, and then what a few of the individuals have done. We entered with 801, graduated 581, and are about 65 today. Of that 581, about 530 were commissioned with others going back a year, or to other services, or to the outside world as then physically disqualified for Commissions.

Many of these joined through the Reserves and served in WWII and beyond. Interestingly, almost the entire class who survived got married. Our record in 1989 shows most stayed so, with only about 10% divorced after 25 years. We produced some 1400 offspring and 37 of them went to the Academy!

The Class as a whole and its individuals have contributed much to our country. Hard to match the war service record of the class, covering as it did the prelude to and then all of WWII, every year of Korea, and the Cold War including Greece, Suez crisis, Berlin Airlift, “shouldering” and patrols in Med and Baltic, Gulf of Sidra, and the Vietnam War and Yom Kippur War.

Of all the classes ever graduated from the Naval Academy, the class having had the most Killed In Action was 1940, at 60. The Class of 1939 comes in second, with 52. For individuals, no attempt is made to prioritize or evaluate their contributions, but just to indicate their numbers and their diversity.

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    1. Roland Schumann Post author

      Hi Chester,

      Sorry for the long delay in getting back to you… I missed your earlier note to the USNA ’39 web site. Did you have a particular question or is there something I can help you with regarding the class of ’39?

      – Roland

  1. Herbert Kriloff

    I am writing this on behalf of my father, Herb Kriloff. Alix Bradfield
    If not recorded, it would be good to list his two published wartime memoires.


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