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Recent Deaths of Classmates and Spouses

try this site Greetings… this page is woefully out of date. The reality is that as time progressed and our surviving classmates and widows aged, the pace of which they began passing away accelerated and we simply couldn’t keep up. By early 2018, just about all of the few remaining survivors from ’39 have hit the century mark. Here are the last entries we captured, as of early 2014…

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glucophage xr 1000 cena ryczałt SPOUSE:  Marilyn Carter Adams Metsger – Wife of Dudley Hale Adams (1/30/14)

SPOUSE:  Anne Bonnell Kerkering – Wife of Stanley William Kerkering (1/4/14)

CLASSMATE:  Donald Furlong (1/2/14)

CLASSMATE:  Kenneth Barton Hysong (11/30/13)

SPOUSE:  Helen Tenanty – Wife of J. Raymond Tenanty (11/22/13)

SPOUSE:  Carolyn Vermilye Ruhe – Wife of WIlliam Jame Ruhe (10/23/13)

SPOUSE:  Katrina “Trina” Quinn Weschler – Wife of Thomas Robert Weschler (10/12/13)

CLASSMATE:  Jack Hawkins (5/17/13)

CLASSMATE:  Gordon D. Gayle (4/21/13)

CLASSMATE:  Eugene G. Fairfax (4/5/13)

CLASSMATE:  Hubert Thomas Murphy (2/25/13)

CLASSMATE: George A. Roberts [Non-Graduate] (2/15/13)

SPOUSE:  Marilynn Edwards Pinkerton – Wife of Chester Pinkerton (2/2/13)

SPOUSE:  Barbara Burgess Waring – Wife of Elmar Stebbins Waring (1/25/13)

SPOUSE:  Katharine Margaret Walker – Wife of Thomas Jackson Walker III (1/3/13)

SPOUSE:  Juanita Carson Ritch – Wife of John B. Ritch Jr. (12/27/12)

CLASSMATE:  William John Valentine (12/19/12)

SPOUSE:  Dallas Bell Norton – Wife of Marvin ‘Doc’ Norton (11/26/12)

SPOUSE:  Sara (Vantilburg) Cattermole – Wife of George Cattermole (11/25/12)

CLASSMATE: Richard Barr Neal (11/22/12)

CLASSMATE: Lee T. Snilsberg (10/30/12)

CLASSMATE: Albert Sidney Morton [Non-Graduate] (9/18/12)

SPOUSE:  Betty Swope Frazee – Wife of Murray B. Frazee Jr. (8/19/12)

CLASSMATE:  James “Doc” Lloyd Abbot (8/10/12)

CLASSMATE:  Charles A. Dancy, Jr. (8/1/12)

CLASSMATE:  James David “Jig Dog” Ramage (7/21/12)

CLASSMATE:  John Curtis Spencer (7/9/12)

CLASSMATE:  John S. Moyer (5/12/12)

CLASSMATE:  Valentine G. Holzapfel (3/8/12)

CLASSMATE:  Alfred J. Toulon, Jr. (3/5/12)

CLASSMATE:  Robert R. Stuart, Jr. (2/16/12)

SPOUSE:  Gertrude A. Locke – Wife of Ralph F. Locke (1/11/12)

CLASSMATE:  Max E. Kerns (12/20/11)

SPOUSE:  Dorothy E. Moore – Wife of William Clay Moore (12/18/11)

SPOUSE:  Loretta Neubert Snilsberg – Wife of Lee T. Snilsberg (12/11/11)

CLASSMATE:  Wilson G. Wright III (11/2/11)

CLASSMATE:  Hayden W. Newbold, Jr. (10/14/11)

SPOUSE:  Julie Mimi Rawson – Wife of Ralph W. Rawson (5/14/11)

CLASSMATE:  Raymond R. “Tim” MacCurdy [Non-Graduate] (11/25/10)

SPOUSE:  Joan Harty Goodman – Wife of Harry Harty (9/8/10)

SPOUSE:  Ursula Zeanette Spector – Wife of Herman Spector (3/25/09)

SPOUSE:  Winona Averill Valentine – Wife of William John Valentine (2/83/08)