Business Success

Members of the Class of 1939 continued to succeed after their years of military service. While many of them did very well in business, a few particular examples are listed below:

robaxin online Vincent P. DePoix – Joined Henry Singleton as President of one of his companies and Group Executive.

Misoprostol precio Macgregor Kilpatrick – Vice President and General Manager of Silly Putty Company, of which he was co-founder and developer.

Ralph W. Rawson – President of Firth Sterling Inc. And later President of Fan Steel.

George A. Roberts Joined Henry Singleton, from his role as President of Vanadium Steel, to become Henry Singleton’s alter ego and ultimately President of Teledyne

Henry E. Singleton – Founder and Chairman of the Board of Teledyne

Robert C. Truax – rocket engineer in the U.S. military and companies such as Aerojet and Truax Engineering, which he founded. Truax was a proponent of low-cost rocket engine and vehicle designs. CLICK HERE to see more information.

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