Combat Decorations

over 50 dating should i make the first step In Combat recognition, the Class was awarded 35 Navy Crosses, 3 Distinguished Service Crosses, 41 Distinguished Flying Crosses, 67 Silver Stars, 135 Bronze Stars, 68 Air Medals, 28 Purple Hearts, 19 Navy Distinguished Service Medals (peace and wartime), and 88 Legion of Merit awards (peace and wartime).

check over here Navy Cross and Distinguished Service Cross winners are listed here:
Two Awards

Paul Algodte Holmberg, USN

Edward Duran Mattson, USN

Frank Chase Perry, USN


other One Award

Edward Latimer Beach, USN

Thomas Moss Bennett, USN

Charles Robert Clark, USN

Davis Cone, USN

Frederic William Corle, USN (DSC)

George Chamberlain Duncan, USN

Ernest Houston Dunlap Jr., USN

John Sheppard Fantone, USMC

Ellis Jay Fisher, USN

Gordon Donald Gayle, USMC

George David Ghesquiere, USN

LeRoy Eugene Harris, USN

William Frederick Harris, USMC

Jack Hawkins, USMC (DSC)

William Fred Hogaboom, USMC

William Barrett Holdredge, USMC

John Chapman Jolly, USN

MacGregor Kilpatrick, USN

John Creig Lawrence, USN

Ralph Carlton Mann, USMC

Lincoln Marcy, USN

George Thornhill McDaniel, USN

Edward Micka, USN

Jim Dick Miller, USN

Floyd Edward Moan, USN

James David Ramage, USN

Carter Berkley Simpson, USMC

Charles Ramsey Stapler, USN

Hugh H. Tistadt, Jr., USMC

Lester Seneca Wall, Jr., USN

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  1. Rick Lottie, USNA '69

    Under Navy Cross recipients for the class of ’39, please note: William Frederick Harris was USMC, not USN. His navy cross was earned in Dec 1950, for heroism at the Battle of the Chosin Reservoir. He commanded 3rd Battalion, 7th Marines (3/7) at the time.


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