Cultural Achievement

Members of the Class of 1939 went on to do many significant things throughout the years following their time spent in the Navy. Here is a sampling of some of their accomplishments… Interest Edward L. (Ned) Beach – Distinguished author and historian. Several books with submarine background. Naval historian in general, and particularly nuclear submarine development. Naval Institute’s BEACH HALL, named for Ned and his Navy father, also author.

Daniel J. Carrison – Civil War author

Edwin D. Harrison – President, Georgia Institute of Technology, Member Board of Visitors, West Point, 1961-63

John D.P. Hodapp Jr. – Right hand to C. S. Forester who wrote the Hornblower series.\ Herb Kriloff – Author of two books… Officer of the Deck and Proceed Orange, Assume Command

Corwin G. Mendenhall – WWII submarine histories

George A. Roberts – Author, History of Teledyne, and a short biography of Henry Singleton.

William J. Ruhe – Editor of Submarine Review for some years. Also, author of destroyer and submarine histories.

Paul Schratz – Submarine history

Lloyd R. Vasey – Founder of Pacific Forum (major center for Asian area of strategic thought). This Forum is now part of Center for Strategic International Studies, headquartered in DC. Recipient of the first American Patriot Award. See Sen. John McCain mention that award in this video.

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