Military Achievement

buy generic viagra super force online The Class of 1939 did very well in promotions. Quality challenge from our seniors led to those happy results, influenced by the remarkably diverse and responsible jobs we did in those first (WWII) years and the early Executive Officer and Commanding Officer billets filled.

At the time, we were some of the youngest skippers in all the forces. And Korea coming so soon after, there was no dearth of continued war experience. Promotions to the rank of Captain exceeded the norm. The Flag results were two 4-star, seven 3-star, and twenty seven 1 or 2 star (including two BGen’s USMC). Total 36.

can i buy Premarin over the counter in australia The names follow:

Adm Means J. Johnston

Adm John P. Weinel


VAdm Clarence E. Bell

VAdm Vincemt P. DePoix

VAdm Harry L. Hardy

VAdm George E. Moore II (SC)

VAdm Frank W. Vannoy

VAdm Thomas J. Walker

VAdm Thomas R. Weschler


RAdm James L. Abbot, Jr.

RAdm Raphael C. Benitez

RAdm Thomas M. Bennett

RAdm Emmett P. Bonner

RAdm Kenan C. Childers, Jr. (AED)

RAdm Frederic W. Corle (SC)

RAdm James A. Dare

RAdm John W. Dolan

RAdm Eugene G. Fairfax

RAdm Francis J. Fitzpatrick

RAdm Lawrence R. Geis

RAdm Paul A. Holmberg

RAdm William C. Hushing

RAdm William E. Kuntz

RAdm Corwin G. Mendenhall

RAdm Charles D. Nace

RAdm Roger W. Paine

RAdm A. Atley Peterson, USNR

RAdm James D. Ramage

RAdm Ralph W. Rawson, USNR

RAdm Thomas J. Rudden

RAdm James H. Smith

RAdm Lloyd R. Vasey

RAdm Curtis F. Vossler

RAdm Daniel K. Weitzenfeld


BGen Gordon D. Gayle

BGen William A. Stiles

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  1. Roger Ottenbach

    Hello….a friend purchased a group of awards and plaques given to Class of ’39 graduate James A. Dare. We are now searching for the high school he attended so we might offer the awards to the school. The thought is that they might want to display them as a tribute to one of their grads.

    Any help or direction you can offer will be greatly appreciated.


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